How do I make revolution slider full screen?

How do you unmute a video in Revolution slider?

Mute/Unmute Video & Audio Choose “Toggle Mute Media” to toggle a video/audio’s volume on and off, and choose “Toggle Mute All Media” to toggle the volume of all video/audio in the current Slide. Actions can happen on user-click, mouse-enter or mouse-leave.

How do I make revolution slider full screen?

Creating a full-screen slider with Slider Revolution is very very simple. All you have to do is enable the setting in your general slider settings and then if applicable add an offset to the offsets field.

How do I change the size of my revolution slider?

You can access this trough your WordPress dashboard by navigating to Slider Revolution -> Slider (select the one you wish to edit) -> Slider Settings. You’ll find numerous settings here to alter the look and behaviour of your slider. To change the dimensions of the slider, scroll down to the Slide Layout Section.

How do I load a specific slider revolution for mobile only?

You will use it this way: [my_rev alias=”my_revslider_alias_slug”] and you will need to have 2 instance of a rev slider, the first one for desktop with some alias name ( home for example) and the second one for mobile with same alias name + “_mob” ( home_mob for example).

How do I optimize revolution slider for mobile?

STEP 1 – GO TO REVOLUTION SLIDER SETTINGS Adjust the size as you wish. Full screen size for most phones is 1080 x 1920px. Now that you have customized your slide layer grid sizes in Slider Settings, you will be able to preview how your slider looks on each one of the devices.

How do I clear the cache on revolution slider?

In Admin Panel, go to Settings / WP Rocket / Tools Tab and press the Clear Cache button. In Admin Panel, go to Settings / W3TC main tab and press the empty all caches button in the top button bar. In Admin Panel, go to Settings / WP Super Cache and press the delete all cache button.

How do I turn off slider revolution?

WordPress – How to disable revolution slider on mobile devices

  1. login to the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Choose revolution slider from the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Open the setting panel of the slider which you want.
  4. Open Layout & Visual from the “right-hand” sidebar.
  5. Open “mobile” tab.
  6. There you turn off the slider on the mobile devices.

How do I change the height of a revolution slider in HTML?

You can achieve it directly from the Revolution Slider’s settings. You can select Custom under Main Slider Settings > Slider Layout (see: and specify your minimum slider’s height.

How do you align layers in Slider Revolution?

Layer Align Choose “Layer Area” to align the Layer the Layers Grid, or “Scene” to align the Layer to the entire Module (“Scene” is recommended).

How do you change the height of a slider?

Full-Width Slider: How to change the slider height

  1. Click on Theme Options and locate the Custom Styling section.
  2. Enter the following into the Custom CSS box: .slider{height:400px;} .slider li{height: 400px;} #widget-block{margin-top:400px;}
  3. Adjust the number to your desired height.

How do you arrange layers in Revolution slider?

Simply scroll down below your slider editor find the Layers Timeline. You can drag a layer and place it where you want it to be if whether it appears on top or at the back of another layer.

How do I change the background color in Revolution slider?

To change it by yourself please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your Slider Settings > Layout & Visual > Slider Background > Background color.
  2. Click on the Color and it will open a pop-up.
  3. Now enter your hex color code in Color Hex Value.
  4. Now click on Checkmark icon and save the changes then.

How do you add videos to Slider Revolution 6?

The first thing you should do is go to your dashboard->Plugins and activate the Revolution Slider plugin if it hasn’t been yet activated. After that go to the Slider Revolution admin toolbar and you are ready to create a new slider. Click on Add New Slider icon box and you will see the further options to check.

How do I restore the revolution slider in WordPress?

With the AddOn activated, each time you save one of your Module’s Slides it will be backed up automatically. Then to restore a backup, visit the “Backups” tab in your Slide’s settings and click the “Show Backups for this Slide” button.

How do I change the background color of a slider in WordPress?

I would like to change the Slider Content Background Color and try to do this by going to: “Appearance => Customize => Color Options => Slider Color Options” and then adjust the color in “Slider Content Background Color”.

How do I create a sliding background in HTML?

Approach: In a HTML layout, two elements are needed to implement for the sliding background. One that exactly fits the viewport and the other that runs through it and overflows it. In simple words one for the background and other to act as a containing wrapper for the background.

How do I set the carousel background?

Creating Full-screen Bootstrap Carousel Slides

  1. Loop through our images and get the values of the src and data-color attributes.
  2. Find their direct parent ( .
  3. Set the height of the parent element equal to the viewport height.
  4. Remove the img elements which are not needed since we are relying on the backgrounds.

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