How is life in Oshawa?

How is life in Oshawa?

Oshawa is defiantly one of the safest places to live in the Great Toronto Area. If you are moving to Oshawa with kids, you will be able to let them play outside even during the night hours. It is a great perk for every parent. You will love the nature.

Should I buy a house in Oshawa?

If you’re looking for an investment property then Central Oshawa is one of your best bets in the East End. The average price of a detached home is under $400,000. Despite being a great value, prices here are keeping pace with some of the most sought-after areas in the GTA.

Is downtown Whitby safe?

Do you feel safe walking alone at night in Downtown Whitby? Extremely safe. Night or day, it’s a very safe place.

What is the crime rate in Whitby?

Crime rates in Whitby, ON, Canada

Level of crime22.61Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs43.37Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft39.86Low
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery24.67Low
Problem corruption and bribery19.39Very Low

Is Whitby a good place to live 2020?

Despite its ideal location to Toronto, housing in Whitby remain quite affordable. Falling around the $657K mark, properties move quickly when listed, as many people are finding Whitby to be the perfect balance of large city amenities with a small town community.

Is Whitby a good place to live 2019?

Whitby was rated well for its amenities, community and culture, as well as great weather. “There’s certainly the green spaces, the trails, our lakefront, our harbour. There’s just everything close by,” says Mitchell.

Is Whitby a safe place to live?

The town in very safe, as well. As for the prices they have in Whitby, they are incredibly smaller than in Toronto. This goes for the overall costs of living, but also for the real estate market. However, if you are a bit more into a relaxed environment, Whitby is the best choice.

Is Whitby good for family?

Fun Places in Whitby to Take Your Kids Families love Whitby – for a tiny town, it packs in lots of activities for all the family to enjoy. Its beaches are a ready source of fun, where kids can spend their time paddling, looking for fossils, and exploring rock pools.

Should I move to Whitby?

The location is spot-on. Not only is Whitby massively cheaper than Toronto, it is also close enough for daily commute to Toronto and other key cities. South Whitby provides easy access to the 401. Brooklin, which is a hamlet of Whitby provides easy access to the 407.

How far is Whitby from Cobourg?

63 km

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