How Much Is Money in the Bank PPV?

How Much Is Money in the Bank PPV?

PPV price: $54.99 Money in the Bank 2020 will be available on the WWE Network, at a cost of $9.h on subscription.

Who is the winner of Money in the Bank 2020?

Otis and Asuka emerged as the winners. The concept was different the way it was shot was awesome. Otis winning was a huge surprise but the way he won it was even better as AJ Styles, who had one hand on the briefcase lost it after Corbin spilled it over.

Has Money in the Bank 2020 started?

Money in the Bank 2020 start time This year’s Money in the Bank is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 10, live on WWE Network.

What are the matches for Money in the Bank 2020?

WWE Money in the Bank 2020 matches

  • Men’s Money in the Bank — Daniel Bryan vs.
  • Women’s Money in the Bank — Asuka vs.
  • WWE Championship — Drew McIntyre (c) vs.
  • Universal Championship — Braun Strowman (c) vs.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship — Bayley (c) vs.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship — New Day (c) vs.
  • R-Truth vs.

Did Otis win Money in the Bank 2020?

Otis had the biggest win of his WWE career at Money in the Bank. Otis surprisingly won the men’s Money in the Bank match in a whimsical brawl inside WWE Corporate Headquarters. Otis won the briefcase in a fluke as he successfully caught the case after it was fumbled by Baron Corbin and AJ Styles.

How did Otis lose money in the bank?

During the match, Otis was betrayed by best friend and tag team partner, Tucker, who hit him with the briefcase while the official was looking away. The Miz pinned Otis to capture the Money in the Bank contract. It was fairly obvious that the storyline would conclude with The Miz getting his hands on the briefcase.

Who Did Miz cash in on?

Drew McIntyre

Did The Miz cash in 2020?

The Miz only technically won the briefcase from the ladder match once in 2010, but he defeated Otis (thanks to a little assistance from Tucker) in 2020 to become a two-time Money in the Bank holder. As we know, The Miz cashed in at TLC but failed to win the WWE Championship from Drew McIntyre. Money in the Bank again.

Who is the current Money in the Bank holder?

5 Reasons why The Miz won the Money in the Bank contract at WWE Hell in a Cell 2020. The Miz defeated Otis after a shocking betrayal to become the new Mr. Money in the Bank at WWE Hell in a Cell 2020.

Why did Miz cash in?

Following a supposed failed cash-in at TLC, The Miz petitioned to have the Money In The Bank briefcase returned to him after he was made aware that it was not he who cashed it in. He cited that it was John Morrison and not him who handed over the briefcase.

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