How tall should a washer standpipe be?

How tall should a washer standpipe be?

Top of standpipe must be at least 30″ (762 mm) high; install no higher than 55″ (1.4 m) from bottom of washer. If you have an overhead sewer and need to pump higher than 96 inches, a sump pump and associated hardware are needed.

What is the maximum height of a standpipe?

P2706. 2 Standpipes for automatic clothes washers shall extend a minimum of 30 inches (762 mm) and a maximum of 48 inches (1219 mm) above the finished floor.

Does a washer drain need a vent?

All plumbing fixtures—including washing machines—must be vented. Improperly vented drains can be sluggish and noisy, and can emit hazardous fumes. Properly vented drains allow the P-trap to do its job: prevent sewer gases from escaping into your home.

What is the correct height for the washing machine drain standpipe?

What is the correct height for the washing machine drain standpipe or outlet box? Manufacturers specify a height in their installation manual.

Can a drain pipe be open on a washing machine?

Fit a proper u-bend with a short vertical standpipe on the inlet end! No need for the air admittance valve suggested by others if the standpipe is open ended, but make sure that the washing machine drain pipe doesn’t extend into the water in the u-bend, or you may get syphon action. (Hence the open standpipe.)

How tall should the back of a clothes washer be?

Since most clothes washers back are 42″ tall I usually put the bottom of the box at 42″ so the valves & drain connections can be accessed. & code for the trap & stand pipe connecting to the box is as follows. trap serving a clothes washer standpipe shall be on the same floor not less than 6″ above the floor nor greater than 18″…

How tall should a whirlpool drain pipe be?

Whirlpool recommends a minimum of 39” above the floor, and GE has a 30” minimum, except that GE allows the top of the drain pipe opening to be lower if you secure the hose to the back of the machine near the top at a place the manufacturer indicates using a plastic “anti-siphon clip” Both manufacturers have a maximum height recommendation of 96”.

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