Upload a video from your computer to your iPhone

How do I upload videos to iTunes?

Import media from a computer to iTunes on PC

  1. In the iTunes app on your PC, choose File > Add File to Library or Add Folder to Library.
  2. Locate a file or folder, then click Open. If you add a folder, all the files it contains are added to your library.

Can I post a video with music from iTunes?

Your iTunes Library After all, you can purchase and download any song you like and easily add it to your video using an app like VideoSound. Once you’ve downloaded the song of your choice, you can use an Instagram video editor app to overlay it on top of the video you’re posting.

How do you upload a video from your computer to your iPhone?

Option 2. Send Videos from PC to iPhone via iCloud.com

  1. Enable “iCloud Photos” on your iOS device via “Settings”.
  2. Go to iCloud.com and sign in with the Apple ID you use on your mobile device.
  3. Choose “Photos” among the options.
  4. Click the upload icon and select the videos you want to transfer.

How do I sell videos on iTunes?

In the podcast section of the iTunes store, select “Submit a Podcast,” which will lead you through the process of getting your videos listed on the iTunes store. Once your videos are listed on the iTunes store, anyone who’s interested can subscribe and automatically download new videos every time you post them.

How do you put movies onto iTunes?

Adding your movie file to iTunes is as simple as click and drag. – In iTunes, select the Movies library. – Now find your movie files in Finder, select them, and drag/drop them into iTunes. If you have more than one movie, select them all and drag/drop them all at the same time.

How do I download YouTube video into my iTunes?

Open iTunes, click Edit > Add File to Library, select the downloaded videos that you need to transfer to the iTunes library by highlighting it and clicking on the ‘Open’ button at the bottom of the window. Now, you’ve successfully transferred video downloaded from YouTube to iTunes Library.

How to put movies onto iTunes?

Adding Movies to iTunes Launch iTunes . If your video files are the proper format, you can add them to your iTunes library. Add a video file to your library. The process for this is a little different for Windows and Mac: Windows – Press Alt to display the menu bar. Select the Movies section of iTunes .

How do you put videos from your computer to your iPhone?

Steps to Put Videos from Computer to iPhone. Step 1: Launch TunesMate on your computer first. Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable. Step 2: From the home dashboard, go to Video. Step 3: Go to “Add”, then “Add File” and navigate to your desired videos. Step 4: Browse and select your videos.

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