What is the most common trombone type?

How do you pick a trombone?

The bore size, or the diameter of the trombone’s tubing, is another really important thing to consider when shopping for a trombone. While the bore size will affect many aspects of the instrument, the two most important are its playability and overall sound.

What is the best type of trombone to buy?

The Best Trombones

  1. Mendini by Cecilio Bb Tenor Slide Trombone. Key Features:
  2. Costzone B Flat Trombone Brass. Key Features:
  3. Mendini MTB-31 Trombone. Key Features:
  4. Mendini MTB-40. Key Features:
  5. Yamaha YSL354. Key Features:
  6. Bach 42BO. Key Features:
  7. Jean Paul USA TB-400. Key Features:
  8. Yamaha YSL-882O Xeno Series. Key Features:

What is the most common trombone type?

Tenor trombone
The Tenor trombone, also known as a straight trombone, is the most common trombone and the preferred choice to learn on. They are light weight and due to only having 2 bends in the tubing, quite free blowing.

What trombone is best for beginners?

Which Type of Trombone is Best for Beginners? Tenor trombone is the best trombone for beginners. The tenor trombone is the most commonly used and is also the standard type that students start on in school bands or orchestras.

How difficult is the trombone?

Is it hard to learn to play the Trombone? I would honestly say, it is no harder or easier to play than any other wind or string instrument. They all need a specific technique and dedication to sound great (bag pipes excluded!). Having a Trombone teacher is very important, as is joining a band as quickly as possible.

Which is better saxophone or trombone?

The alto saxophone is a more beginner friendly choice. It is generally easier to make a sound and play, and it isn’t as tiresome to hold up because of the support of the neck strap. Trombone, on the other hand, is harder to learn but is a cheaper option and involves less maintenance.

Which is harder trumpet or trombone?

the trombone is easier to get your first sounds on because it has a larger mouthpiece, which makes it easier to make a ‘buzz’ initially. the trumpet is easier to get to grips with in terms of hold and posture, and is easier to make progression once you’re up and running as valves are simpler to operate than a slide.

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