What triggers the subjunctive in French?

Do you use subjunctive with if?

When si (meaning “if”) is followed by a verb, the verb is in the present indicative if the condition stated is true or probable. The past subjunctive is used for improbabilities even if the condition stated is one that applies to the present time.

Is the subjunctive used in the main clause?

If the subjunctive clause is simultaneous with or following the indicative clause, the present subjunctive (simple) is used….Tense Sequences in the Present.

main clause (indicative)subordinate clause (subjunctive)
present or futurepresent (simultaneous or following action) or present perfect (prior action)

What is a subjunctive clause example?

The subjunctive mood is the verb form used to explore a hypothetical situation (e.g., If I were you) or to express a wish, a demand, or a suggestion (e.g., I demand he be present).

How do you know when to use the subjunctive in Spanish?

Do use the subjunctive when you’re describing your attitude towards something factual, or a fact relating to someone, provided that…

  1. There are two verbs in the sentence, with a “que” in between them.
  2. The ‘person’ of the first verb is different to the ‘person’ of the second verb.

Is the subjunctive the main or second clause in a sentence?

Because there must be some uncertainty or subjectivity to warrant the use of the subjunctive, you will usually see it in sentences that contain a main clause which introduces a quality of uncertainty or subjectivity.

How do you know when to use the subjunctive or indicative?


  1. The subjunctive mood is used to talk about desires, doubts, wishes, conjectures, and possibilities.
  2. The indicative mood is used to talk about facts and other statements that are believed to be true and concrete.
  3. The imperative mood is used to give commands.

What triggers the subjunctive in French?

In French, feelings like doubt and desire require the subjunctive, as do expressions of necessity, possibility, and judgment. It can be helpful to consider them in themed groups: Preferences, Advice, Needs, Desires, Orders. Additional Subjunctive Triggers.

When to use present subjunctive in if clause?

But the so-called ‘present subjunctive’ (which is always the same as the base form) is only used today in a few set phrases (such as “long live …”), and (for some speakers) after verbs like command and resolve. It is obsolete to use it after if. However, I find Grammarly’s suggestion very odd – I would say, wrong.

How to use subjunctive in a sentence in English?

In certain that clauses main clause suggest- verb main clause suggest- verb that clause with subjunctive that clause with subjunctive that clause with subjunctive He suggests you be The board recommend he join He requested the car park not be

When to use imperfect subjunctive in SI clauses?

This second type of si clause is contrary to fact in the present. The consequence is thus seen as impossible. Note that in Spanish, the imperfect (past) subjunctive is used in the si clause, never the conditional. Si fuera lugar u objeto, yo diría que la televisión.

When do you use the ” if ” clause in a sentence?

There are three basic patterns for “if” sentences. They correspond to the time frames when the events take place. We could be speaking about the future, the present, or the past: We will wash the car if John buys the detergent. We would wash the car if John bought the detergent.

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