Where is the anterior median fissure located on the spinal cord?

Where is the anterior median fissure located on the spinal cord?

The spinal cord has fissure and sulci. The anterior median fissure is located centrally, and the anterior white commissure is present at its base. The posterior median sulcus is present posteriorly, and the posterolateral sulcus is present on either side of it. The anterior nerve roots exit at the anterolateral sulcus.

What is anterior median fissure?

The anterior median fissure provides a groove in which the anterior spinal artery sits. From here, it provides the anterior part of the spinal cord. It is sourced from the segmental medullary arteries and the segmental spinal arteries which are sourced from the intercostal arteries.

Where is the posterior median fissure located?

medulla oblongata
The posterior median sulcus of medulla oblongata (or posterior median fissure or dorsal median sulcus) is a narrow groove; and exists only in the closed part of the medulla oblongata; it becomes gradually shallower from below upward, and finally ends about the middle of the medulla oblongata, where the central canal …

What is longitudinal fissure?

Medical Definition of longitudinal fissure : the deep groove that divides the cerebrum into right and left hemispheres.

What is anterior white commissure?

The anterior or ventral white commissure is a collection of nerve fibers that cross the midline of the spinal cord and transmit information from or to the contralateral side of the brain.

Is anterior horn a motor?

Anterior horn cells (α-motor neurons), located in the anterior gray matter of the spinal cord, are found at every segment and are concentrated in the cervical and lumbosacral enlargements. Morphologic differentiation of the anterior horn cells is most evident from 12 to 14 weeks’ gestation.

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